Hackathon Guide

Prizes and project ideas from Axiom

Welcome to the Axiom guide for ETHGlobal Istanbul 2023! We deployed a special preview of Axiom V2 on Goerli testnet for the weekend and are excited to see what you'll build with it. We have a full slate of prizes and project ideas for you below, and our Axiom V2 Preview Docs are live for the weekend. Come by our booth at the venue to discuss any ideas or get help!


🏆 Best overall use of Axiom $2,000

💡 Most creative use of Axiom $2,000

🆔 Best use of Axiom for on-chain identity and reputation $2,000

📒 Best use of Axiom for DeFi $2,000

🤲 Best use of Axiom for on-chain incentivization $2,000

Project Ideas

Examples of things AxiomV2 will enable for smart contracts include:

  • computing the total volume traded by a user on a Uniswap pair

  • proving a user lost at least 10 ETH buying and selling an NFT

  • gating access to a defi protocol based on a users' on-chain identity

  • trustless settlement of on-chain gas price derivatives

  • proving a block contained a sandwich attack

  • algorithmically adjusting DeFi protocol parameters based on on-chain history

  • proving an off-chain solver correctly ran an optimization algorithm for batch auction settlement

  • giving users incentives or airdrops based on their on-chain actions

  • minting an NFT or badge for achievements in an on-chain game

  • giving incentives for prior users of a competing protocol to switch protocols

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